Standing Tall - Falling Hard

  • Brian Hoehler
  • May 13, 2012
  • Series: The Story

This is the end of the time of Judges.
Israel wants a king like all the other surrounding countries.
Hannah gives her first born, Samuel (means-God heard), to the Lord. She has prayed for this son and finally is given him. She supports and sets a context for Samuel.
The judge/prophet, Samuel is chosen by God to give Israel a king.
Samuel warns of the problems and costs of having a king.
Saul is revealed to Samuel as the new king.
God changed Saul's heart.
Saul is from the smallest tribe, why me?
He empowers Saul and delivers Israel from the Philistines.
And the nation rejoices.
But in the next battle, Saul follows the Lord, goes out to battle, calls for the Samuel to give sacrifice, he becomes impatient, and Saul offers the sacrifice himself.
Then sets up a monument to himself. And so starts a downward spiral of self.
Just because God changes your heart, it doesn't mean you are immune from temptations of the world. The downward spiral is easy, the upward spiral takes discipline.
Samuel's response to Saul - 1 Samuel 15:22-23
Obedience is better than sacrifice
3 Disciplines for your life - Mind, Prayer, the Word