New Commands and a New Covenant

  • Brian Hoehler
  • Apr 1, 2012
  • Series: The Story

New Commands and a New Covenant

The Story - Week 5

What do you want from God?

Corinthians 15:32

Exodus 19:4  ...and brought you to Myself

He makes His Promises with no expectations.

Do you want all the good, with none of the responsibilities?

Or, do you want what God can do, and the changes it requires?

Suddendly free, the new nation of Isreal wants a god to go before them. Exodus 32:10

But God was going before them.  Exodus 13:21

The Commandments - God's Will for our lives

Outlines our relationships with God and our fellow man.

Jesus summed the Law up as: Love God and Love others

Jesus went before us in Life, Death and Resurrection.

There will be a day when you wake up, you will never sleep again. You will be resurrected in Christ.

Is this what we want? Will we take all he has to offer?