Deliverance - Through the Lamb

  • Brian Hoehler
  • Mar 25, 2012
  • Series: The Story

The Story - Week 4

Deliverance - Through the Lamb

Zacheriah 9:9

Moses - found by Pharoah's daughter, raised in the palace, kills an Egyptian, goes into hiding in the desert, chosen by God, sent to delivery Isreal,

Exodus 3:8

"I am"

Plagues and Signs upon Egypt

Power of God against the gods of Egypt

Rod into snake - Moses throws down his rod, turns to a snake, and eats the Egytian court magicians snakes.

Ten Plagues: ex. Nile to Blood, Frogs, Livestock, Darkness, First Born.

Exodus 12:12

Numbers 33:4

After the Plague of the First Born, Irsreal thrown out of Egypt

Leaven - equals sin, decay

Get ready to move. Come to Me

First step is through the doorway covered with the Blood of the Lamb