When and where is the Sunday worship service held?
Our worship services are held on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am. (Directions). Those who attend discover a comfortable, casual environment as they are greeted warmly, then invited to visit the "New Hope Café" for some fresh coffee, juice and pastries.  Our typical Sunday service includes contemporary praise and worship with a live band, updates as to our involvement with the community and the world around us, and impactful teaching...biblical, and Christ-centered  

Where do my kids go during the service? 
We have opportunities for children of all ages to gather with their age group in our many classrooms to discuss and learn the same bible stories that we're discussing in "big church". Each class has a curriculum that they follow, we consider this time to be an important addition to what you are teaching at home, which is always the most important place they learn! You may also choose to keep your child with you during the service.  Our desire is to present the message in a manner easily heard and understood without swaying from or watering down God's word.

We also offer a "Quiet Room" on the west side of the auditorium for parents wanting to keep their infants with them and still be able to see and hear the service.

How can I meet other people?  We currently offer small groups throughout the week that are focusing on building relationships with one another and God.

Please contact our office 513-661-2428 for details.

How do I get involved in the church?
Small groups or ministry teams are a great place to get started. Check out the information at our Welcome Table and fill out a Welcome! card, email or call the church office to let us know that you would like to get involved.

What does Nondenominational mean? It means we are focusing on the foundational teachings of Christianity...the biblical beliefs common to all Christians...and thereby minimizing the doctrinal and denominational barriers that often separate believers. In short, we want to unify under Christ, not divide.