Welcome to New Hope Community Church. In a nutshell we are a Bible believing, Christ following, contemporary, casual (in dress, not beliefs) Christian Church. Feel free to look around our site to see more about what that means. Since none of us actually live in a nutshell we would love for you to come out and visit us on Sunday and meet some of the friendly, authentic, broken, healing and loving people who call New Hope their home.

Cradle Christian? Skeptic? Seeker?

All are welcome.

Sunday Bible study 9:00 am & Service  at 10:30 am.


 Brian Hoehler - Pastor

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Sunday, September 28th, 2014

Jesus Said...

Jesus Said...Why is it that you were looking for me? Where was Jesus when you lost him? Go back (repent) to where you lost him. The first recorded words of Jesus in the Bible... Why is it that you were looking for me?